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Working papers:

Andreas Dür and Lisa Lechner (2018). "Humans versus computer: manual and computational estimates of latent traits in preferential trade agreements". [preprint]

Andreas Dür and Lisa Lechner (2018). "Who wins and who loses from trade agreements? Stock market reactions to news on TPP and TTIP".

Andreas Dür and Christoph Mödlhamer (2019). "Overachievers or Laggards in Intellectual Property Rights Protection. What Explains TRIPS-Plus Provisions in Trade Agreements?"

Andreas Dür, Robert A. Huber, and Yannick Stiller (2019). "Political Ideology, Constituent Interests, and Legislators' Attitudes Towards Trade Agreements"

Yannick Stiller, Andreas Dür, and Robert A. Huber (2019). "Education and Trade Attitudes: Bringing Economic Interest Back In"

Yannick Stiller (2019). "Bargaining Power in a Globalized World: The Effect of Global Value Chains in Trade Negotiations"

Andreas Dür and Markus Gastinger (2020). "Joint Bodies in Preferential Trade Agreements: Why are some stronger than others?"

Andreas Dür, Robert A. Huber, Gemma Mateo, and Gabriele Spilker (2020). "Institutional Design Matters: Explaining Interest Group Support for Trade Agreements"

Christina Anderer and Christoph Mödlhamer (2020). "The Impact of PTA Design on International Investment: New Insights from Firm-Level Data"

Christina Anderer (2020). "Trade Preferences and the Globalization of Production: A Supervised Sentiment Analysis of Interest Groups on Twitter"

Yannick Stiller (2020). "Who Rebels on Trade Policy? Analyzing Voting Patterns of Legislators"

Andreas Dür, Robert A. Huber, Gemma Mateo, and Yannick Stiller (2021). "Whose interests do legislators consider in trade policy?"

Robert A. Huber, Yannick Stiller, and Andreas Dür (2021). "Measuring subnational trade competitiveness"

Journal Articles:

Leonardo Baccini and Andreas Dür (2018). "Global value chains and product differentiation: Changing the politics of trade", Global Policy 9(2). [access]

Andreas Dür, Jappe Eckhardt, and Arlo Poletti (2019). "Global Value Chains, the Anti-Globalization Backlash, and EU Trade Policy: A Research Agenda", Journal of European Public Policy 27(6). [access]

Christina Anderer, Lisa Lechner, and Andreas Dür (2020). "Trade Policy in a 'GVC World': Multinational Corporations and Trade Liberalization", Business and Politics 22(4). [access]

Christoph Mödlhamer (2020). "Innovativeness and the design of intellectual property rights in preferential trade agreements: A refinement of the North-South explanation", Journal of International Business Policy 3(4). [access]

Markus Gastinger and Andreas Dür (2021). "Joint Bodies in the EU's International Agreements: Delegating Powers to the European Commission in EU External Relations", European Union Politics 22(4). [access]